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Apparently I have no will power?

armada4 - 08 Davis Cup
+  Last week I bought a loaf of cranberry walnut bread after tasting a sample in the bakery at Harris Teeter.  Did I need a loaf?  Not really, since I don't eat much bread, but it was so good.  And this week I succumbed to the lure of the sweet potato pecan bread.  Except I haven't finished the last I wrapped a bunch of slices individually and put them in the freezer, leaving a couple out for immediate enjoyment. 

~  I got a manicure three weeks ago and it is really lasting.  I guess that's the benefit of gel polish?  Oddly, my left hand is looking more battered than my right, even though I'm right handed.  Not sure how/why.

~  Once again, publishing order confuses me.  The first Harry Hole book, The Bat, is not available in the US in paper or Kindle format, except as used paper copies from Canada and the UK.  But the audiobook is available at Audible.  How did the sale of rights work for that?

+  David Ferrer won his first Masters' 1000 tournament today: Paris/Bercy, an indoor tournament.  And now he's off to London for the year end championships.  So pleased for him -- having the best year of his career at the relatively advanced age of 30.

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